Web Developing in 2019

Web Developing in 2019

Why web developing? why is that so important?

According to a forecast made by  Gartner , the worldwide public cloud services market will grow 17.3% to total $206.2 billion, up from $175.8 billion in 2018. That’s nearly a $100 billion growth. Based on these figures, we can conclude that the near future is definitely web-based apps.


What is the cloud services market? well, to give a simple idea, it consists of mainly 5 categories.

  1. Cloud Business Process Services (BPaaS)
  2. Cloud Application Infrastructure Services (PaaS)
  3. Cloud Application Services (SaaS)
  4. Cloud Management and Security Services
  5. Cloud System Infrastructure Services (IaaS)

To be a Web Developer in 2019, you need some basic skills. Otherwise, you’ll get stuck at some point in your developing career.

  • Git – version controlWeb Development by Dream Squad
  • Basic Terminal Usage
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Github
  • Licenses
  • Semantic Versioning
  • SSH
  • Design Patterns
  • Character Encodings


In order for you to choose the best language for your developments, here are the highest usedlanguages in the world according to IEEE Spectrum 2018.  (All the languages are compared to Python)


  • Python – 100
  • C++  – 99.7
  • Java – 97.5
  • C – 96.7
  • C# – 89.4
  • PHP – 84.9
  • R – 82.9
  • Javascript – 82.6
  • Go – 76.4
  • Assembly – 74.1

All of these languages have lots and lots of community support, so you won’t be lost at any point. But before you start, choose the best language and the best technique that suits you carefully with a lot of research.

Good Luck and Happy Developing!

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